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How to get a Chinese Driving License

After being redirected to numerous organisations and put on hold for what seemed like forever, the question how one might convert an existing driving license to a Chinese driving license was finally answered by some transport authority at this number: 68397905. What you'll need:

  1. Health certificate
  2. Passport (original)
  3. Visa (valid for at least 3 months)
  4. Residency permit
  5. 1-inch photo (in colour with white background) x4
  6. Driving license (original)
  7. Photocopy of driving license with translation (DIY is ok)

Visit 朝阳区南四环东路18号 in person with all the above and pay ¥50 to register for a driving theory test (科目一). The lady on the phone gave a number (63767890) where you could buy the relevant "textbook" but my colleague suggested downloading the free 驾考宝典 app.

The app feels a bit sexist and the questions feel more like an HSK Chinese proficiency test to me than a driving theory test. Wish me luck!